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 Dedicated Fitness Solutions For The Older Adult And Special Population Groups





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For All Middle-Aged Adults, Seniors and Those Living With Chronic Medical Conditions And Health Issues:


Want more Strength, Stamina and Mobility as you go about your daily activities?


Like to live life with more Vibrancy and Vitality?


Want Greater Health, Fitness and Overall Well-Being?


Image of a senior lady exercising with bands.


If so, we are your "Out-Of-The-Gym" fitness solution here in Singapore - At Home, Outdoors, Anywhere!


Welcome to, Singapore's premier fitness provider specializing in home-based, outdoor, mobile and other gym-free fitness services for the mid-age population, older adults, seniors and individuals with chronic medical conditions.


At, we believe strongly that aging gracefully is not just about adding years to your life, but also about adding life to your years! To us, age is just a number, and our specialized senior/older adult  fitness programs are designed to help you stay active, healthy, and vibrant no matter your age.


Our range of fitness services include the following:

*As of 2020, all our 1-on-1 services are now also available ONLINE!


Check out our online coaching services now:


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As part of our overall strategy, ALL of our fitness programs adhere to a unifying and unique fitness philosophy, one that encompasses:

  • a Holistic, All-Round Integrated Fitness Approach

  • training in a gym-free and machine-less environment, and

  • focus on functionality, transferability and applicability to day-to-day, real-life situations.

Our Fitness Program is also overseen by one of Singapore's most recognizable and reputed Master Fitness Trainers - Rick Wong.


Rick himself is a Mid-Life and Older Adult Fitness Professional, currently in his mid-fifties, with over 20 years of coaching experience under his belt!


Image of Rick Wong - Singapore Fitness Professional, Master Trainer, Senior Exercise Consultant.

Rick Wong at 53+ Years Young (Year 2023)


With our "No-Gym-Required" revolutionary approach to fitness, you can now:

  • Build Functional Strength,

  • Increase Your Stamina,

  • Burn Excess Body Fat,

  • Build Lean Muscle Tone,

  • Enhance Your Movement & Mobility

  • and MORE.......

ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ...... all without the need of exorbitant gym memberships, bulky (and often useless) gym equipment, and other hassles and headaches commonly associated with working-out at fitness facilities and establishments!


Image of a group of seniors enjoing their workout session.


Why Specialized Fitness Programs For The Mid-Life, Seniors And Medical Populations?

  1. Customized Training Plans: No two individuals are alike. Hence, we customize each and every single workout plan to address your individual health condition, fitness level, and personal goals. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis, living with diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc., or simply aiming to increase your stamina, a personalized approach ensures that your workout is safe and effective.

  2. Improved Mobility and Flexibility: Regular exercise helps to improve your flexibility and mobility, which are crucial for maintaining independence. Based on your needs and goals, we may incorporate elements such as: balance training, movement drills, coordination work, and flexibility exercises into your fitness regime to help you reduce the risk of falls and to improve your daily functioning.

  3. Enhanced Mental Health: We all know that exercise is not just beneficial for the body; it also boosts our mental health. A holistic fitness approach with a strong emphasis on functional training can help to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, while sharpening your cognitive functions and minimizing the risks of contracting degenerative mental conditions (such as dementia and Alzheimer's) down the years.

  4. Greater Strength and Endurance: To combat muscle loss and bone loss associated with aging, we all need to incorporate weight-bearing exercises, together with strength/resistance training into our workout routines. Doing so will ensure that we can still perform everyday activities with ease, confidence and independence even into our golden years.


Image of an old man doing push-ups.


What to Expect from Our Mid-Life/Senior/Special Population Fitness Program

  1. Comprehensive Assessment The journey begins with a thorough assessment of your current fitness level, medical history, and specific health concerns. This initial fitness consultation and evaluation session allows us to create a program that is both safe and effective for you.

  2. Goal Setting Setting realistic and achievable goals is a crucial part of any fitness program. Whether your aim is to walk longer distances, play with your grandchildren, or simply feel more energetic, we will help you define clear objectives and devise a plan to reach them.

  3. Varied Exercise Routines Our fitness programs include a variety of exercises to keep your workouts engaging and fun. From in-home training to outdoor workouts, from cardiovascular exercises to muscle-building workouts, from resistance band routines to medicine ball drills, the sheer diversity of our workouts ensures comprehensiveness and balance in your fitness program.

  4. Progress Monitoring Regular progress assessments help track improvements and adjust the workout plan as needed. This continuous monitoring ensures that you remain on the right path and stay motivated by celebrating small victories along the way.


Image of a female older adult exercising with a gym ball.



Our Fitness Philosophy & Approach:


As Singapore's leading gym-free fitness trainers and coaches for the older adult, senior and medical population, we strongly believe that a great fitness workout is possible in ANY environment, and that all fitness training has to be natural, integrated and functional.


We also believe in incorporating the entire spectrum of human movements in our fitness training sessions, performing exercises that are both multi-planar, multi-directional and multi-dimensional in nature.


Hence, our focus is on making use of your very own body-weight and your natural environment in conjunction with other portable & functional exercise tools - including, but not limited to: resistance bands & tubings, suspension trainers, medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, agility markers/cones, and even playground equipment/apparatus to get you HEALTHY, FIT and FUNCTIONAL!


(Check out Our Fitness Philosophy And Approach for a more in-depth understanding of our training approach).



Image of group of seniors having fun exercising.


Investing in a personalized training program tailored just for you is an excellent step toward a healthier, more active and meaningful life.


By working with a knowledgeable and qualified trainer, not only can you enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise, but also maintain your independence and embrace life with greater vitality and confidence.


It's never too late to start your fitness journey - take the first step today and experience the transformative power of staying active!



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Our Fitness Philosophy And Approach:


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Our Mid-Life, Seniors & Older Adults Fitness Services:


Senior/Older Adult Personal Training


Home Personal Training


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Couple/Partner Fitness Workouts


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Online Virtual Workouts


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Aerobic/Cardio Training


Movement And Mobility Training


Holistic Fitness Approach


Multi-Planar Training


Flexibility Training


Balance Training


Bodyweight Training


Kettlebell Exercises


Medicine Ball Exercises


Weight-Bearing Exercises


Exercise Ball Workouts


Core Training


Posterior Chain Training


General Toning And Shaping


Fat Loss


Build Lean Muscle


Functional Fitness Training


Improve Sports Performance


Cardio Kickboxing


Circuit Training


Resistance Tubing And Exercise Band Exercises 


Suspension Training Program


Park Fitness Programs


Stair-Based Exercises


Playground Fitness


Public Stadium Workouts


Beach Fitness Programs


Car Park Fitness Program


Environmental Fitness


Fitness Corner Workouts




Fitness Services For Other Population Groups:


Pre-Post Natal Fitness Programs


Kids and Youths Fitness Programs


National Service (NS) Training




Travel Fitness Exercises


High-Intensity Interval Training


Integrated Fitness Approach


Metabolic Training


Plyometric Training


Slider/Glider Workouts


Foam Roller Workouts




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Out-Of-The-Gym Fitness Training In Singapore

For The Middle-Aged, Seniors & Older Adults

.... At Home, Outdoors, ANYWHERE!


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